It's not just about smarts.
It's also grit and physical prowess pushed to the max.

It's about trial-and-error and experimenting with new things.

It's about breaking down today's walls
for a future that's more fun and inclusive for everyone,
and where we're all stronger.

The power of cutting-edge technology and parasports
are opening up new possibilities for humankind.

Let's transcend
the conventional wisdom,
the limits,
and our imagination,
to witness a new world together.

Let's change Tokyo...and the world.

More freedom is surely in our future.


Para-Sports Lab's current projects involve many members, including athletes, sports associations, advertising agencies and production companies.


Para-Sports Lab is conducting various projects and provides the public with related information. This site will also share progress on projects still in the conceptual phase as it becomes available.

And More


Para-Sports Lab is seeking members to help out with projects in a variety of forms. If you're interested, shoot us an email to inquire.

Project for Blade Runner

Breaking the World Record with Prostheses



100 Million Boccia Players